Aromatherapy without humidifier in USA

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Enjoy the full benefits of aromatherapy without humidifier. Now, more and more aromatherapy amateur would like to enjoy the aromatherapy without water and otherthings.

More and more customers in usa ask me : is there any way to enjoy more efficient and directly?

Here i suggest two ways of aromatherapy without humidifier popular in usa.

The first one is essential oil nebulizer. It is made by real wood and Blow-molded glass(BPA free).

Aromatherapy without humidifier

No need to add wanter. The principle of this nebulizer is air compression. There is a little pump in it. 

So, with this machine, you can enjoy pure essential oils( without water). The smell comes from the spray nozzle

after you turn it on. It covers about 500 to 1000ft. It makes the essential oils into small particles which can drift in the air.

The second way of aromatherapy without water is new fan diffuser.

Aromatherapy without humidifier in usa

It is rechargeable and portable. In fact, you can put it into you pocket and bag.

There is a mini fan in the machine. The smell covers about 100 to 200 ft. Add the essential oil into the Cotton core

turn it on, then the fan will accelerated essential oil diffusion.

أدخل البريد الإلكتروني الخاص بك والحصول على الاقتباس!


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