Why Use Aroma Diffuser – Discover the benefit of diffusers

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Aroma Diffuser – How to Clean it – Enjoy fully diffuser benefit

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In order to have a better user’s experience with your diffuser, you will need to do the routine maintenance. The most suitable maintenance method for keeping your diffuser in good condition is to make regular cleanings for it. Most essential oil diffusers are designed to be cleaned easily with the needs of simple internal and external cleanings. For the inner parts of the diffuser, you need to decant the essential oils inside and rinse it with clean water. For the outer parts, you need to wipe the surface with a cloth.
The steps for cleaning the essential oil diffuser are as follows.

1. Disconnect aroma diffuser from the power supply and clear the oil out
For the electrical safety while cleaning the diffuser, you should disconnect it from the power supply before you clean it. After that, you should clear out the essential oil remains inside. If the diffuser is already empty as the power is off, you could start the cleaning process directly.

2. Fill clean water into aroma diffuser
You will need clean water to clean the diffuser. Water should be added until it reaches the maximum line and will be applied to remove the impurities from the inner chamber. Subsequently, about 10 drops of vinegar could be added for the assistance of cleaning the diffuser. The vinegar drops will dissolve in water to assist the removing of the foreign deposits and residual oils from the interior that adhered to the inner surface of the glass.

3. Connect aroma diffuser with power supply and set a running for about 5 minutes
This is an essential step to make the vinegar mix well with water to detach the foreign impurities that stuck on the inner wall of the diffuser. After running for 5 minutes, the vinegar and water mixture should be decanted from the diffuser. Clearing the interior of the diffuser by emptying all the water and vinegar allows you to reach the parts which contain hard stains.

4. Employ a cotton bud to clear the tight stains
In order to clean the fouling spots that are difficult to reach, a cotton bud dipped in vinegar could be used to remove the hard deposits. By this way, it will be easy for you to clean the corners and other areas inside the diffuser which are hard to access. When using the cotton bud, you should ensure all the hard stains have been detached from the spots by being trapped in the cotton bud. And you should ensure the spots are dried after the removal of hard stains by the cotton bud.

5. Rinse aroma diffuser with clean water
After cleaning all the stains adhered to the difficult-to-reach areas on the inner wall, you should refill the diffuser with clean water and rinse it. Then you should plug the diffuser in and start another running for about 3 minutes to make the water rinse everywhere inside. During the rinsing process, you should avoid using any detergents which will leave some residual agents and affect the aroma of the essential oils that you use at home. After the 3-minute running is complete, you need to empty the diffuser and dry it thoroughly.

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How to find a reliable essential oil diffuser supplier in China

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How to find a reliable essential oil diffuser supplier in China

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